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Grand Gurmat Samagam dedicated to 400th Prakash Purab at Baba Bakala Sahib

Attacks on religious freedom by governments from time to time have always been detrimental to country - Giani Harpreet Singh Sacrifice of ninth Guru is truly unique gift in religious history of the world given to society – Bibi Jagir Kaur Baba Bakala Sahib/Amritsar, March 18: Thousands of devotees attended the grand Gurmat Samagam at Gurdwara Sahib Patshahi Nauvin Baba Bakala Sahib dedicated to the 400th Prakash Purab (birth anniversary) of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib by Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) on Thursday. On this occasion, Sri Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh, SGPC president Bibi Jagir Kaur, Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib head granthi Giani Jagtar Singh, Baba Avtar Singh Sursingh chief of Dal Baba Bidhi Chand, Padma Shri Baba Seva Singh Khadur Sahib, SGPC general secretary adv Bhagwant Singh Sialka and chief secretary adv Harjinder Singh Dhami shared views with the gathered sangat. Sri Akal Takht Jathedar, Giani Harpreet Singh apprised the sangat of the life history and philosophy of the ninth Guru and termed the manoeuvres of the governments from time to time to suppress the minorities as fatal for the country. Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh said, “The entire life of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib is a source of inspiration for humanity and his martyrdom is unique and incomparable in the world. At the time of Guru Sahib's martyrdom, Aurangzeb was oppressing non-Muslims under a special policy. The ninth Guru strongly opposed this forced conversion and gave his martyrdom for the protection of human rights. The situation in the country is similar today.” “Today's rulers are working on the policy of building a nation of one religion. Such a policy has always been detrimental to the country”, said Jathedar Sri Akal Takht Sahib. Giani Harpreet Singh said, “The country is inhabited by people of different religions, customs, sects and communities, whose religious freedom and rights should be protected in accordance with the path shown by Guru Sahib.” Referring to the philosophy of the ninth Guru, Giani Harpreet Singh said, “Guru Sahib established a new definition of tyaag and vairag (renunciation), which led to living a detached life while living in the society.” During the function, SGPC Bibi Jagir Kaur said, “The guidance given by Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib for the betterment of the society is truly unique in the religious history of the world. In Sikh ideology, the ninth Guru Ji’s philosophy of elevating humanity leads us. How we interact with people of all faiths is evident from the life philosophy of Guru Sahib Ji.” Bibi Jagir Kaur said on the occasion of the 400th birth anniversary of Guru Sahib, rising and adopting his ideology is the only true devotion to him. SGPC president Bibi Jagir Kaur announced that a vigorous campaign would be continued throughout the year to spread the philosophy of Guru Sahib Ji, under which events would be held at the village-level. She said that the Nagar Kirtan to be decorated and carried out from Amritsar to Delhi on March 20 would be heavenly, passing through the shrines of the ninth Guru Punjab, Haryana and coming back from Delhi to Sri Anandpur Sahib. She thanked the sangat and prominent personalities who attended the function. On this occasion, Giani Jagtar Singh encouraged the sangat to live according to Gurbani. Speaking on behalf of Baba Harnam Singh Khalsa, head of Damdami Taksal, SGPC general secretary adv Bhagwant Singh Sialka said that it was our good fortune that the ninth Guru’s Prakash Purab came in our time. “As per the message received from Damdami Taksal, full cooperation would be extended during all the ceremonies to be held on the occasion of 400th birth anniversary”, said Sialka. Baba Avtar Singh Sursingh, head of Dal Baba Bidhi Chand and Padma Shri Baba Sewa Singh Khadur Sahib, head of Kar Sewa Khadur Sahib, congratulated the sangat on the historic 400th birth anniversary of Guru Sahib and encouraged them to adopt baani and baana. SGPC chief secretary adv Harjinder Singh Dhami officiated the stage. Earlier, Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib hazuri raagi jathas of Bhai Onkar Singh, Bhai Gurkirat Singh and Bhai Sukhwant Singh connected the sangat with Gurbani Kirtan and Giani Maan Singh gave the religious discourse. During the function prominent personalities were conferred Siropao (robe of honour) by the SGPC officials. On this occasion Baba Gajjan Singh Tarna Dal Baba Bakala, SGPC senior vice president S. Surjit Singh Bhitewad, SGPC general secretary adv Bhagwant Singh Sialka, SGPC chief secretary adv Harjinder Singh Dhami, Baba Sukhwinder Singh Bhuriwale, Baba Sukhwinder Singh Malikpur, SGPC member and former MLA Baljit Singh Jalalusma, member Bhai Rajinder Singh Mehta, Bhai Ram Singh, S. Bawa Singh Gumanpura, S. Amarjit Singh Bhalaipur, Bhai Ajaib Singh Abhayasi, S. Gurpreet Singh Jhabbar, and others were present.

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